Photography has long been the calming answer to my artistic storm within. While studying my Arts & Science degree at UWWC, I happened across a drawing class that focused on portraiture head studies and I fell into obsession. I loved everything about it; the science and order of understanding bone structure and the chaos and calamity of all the external influences that form one’s perception. For me, learning the core concepts to the human foundation was like having a blueprint to freedom of expression.

To this day, I still love to sketch and draw people.

Unfortunately, rare and few are the fortunate who can make a career and a living out of drawing faces. Thus, photography was the most natural extension for my passion. Photography is often referred to as a method of “painting with light”, and it is true. The skill and mechanics of photography is really mastering the ability to control and create with light. And, since I am a bit of a control nut, it seems fitting that portraiture photography is my favorite. You often see photographers out there that will have a list of 10 or more different types of photography that they “specialize” in, and I silently chuckle.

While Della Vita is more than delighted (and certainly skilled and equipped) to photograph your event (wedding, sports, charity/fundraiser, etc.) and your landscape (buildings, property, nature, environment), where I shine~what I love most~is portraiture. Portraiture is my specialty. Bridal portraits, family portraits, high school senior portraits, child portraits, pet portraits…you get the idea. Anytime I am allowed the opportunity to pose and sculpt I am totally in my element!

Della Vita Portrait Studio just wouldn’t be, without the support of my loving husband and the understanding and patience of my two children; of who have to share me with all of you. My assistant photographer, Kelly, who shares my vision and creative goals, is an absolute compliment to this business. My parents, who have always said “yes, you can” to any dream I’ve had; from lemonade stands to law school. And, for all our wonderful, dear family and friends who have hired me (and insisted on paying!). You all encourage and inspire me everyday. Thank you and I love you.