To find your athlete's photos:
Go to the YEAR that your athlete was photographed.
Folders are sorted alphabetically by School, then by Sport.

Orders placed online will be shipped directly to your home.
If you were provided with a COUPON CODE, have it ready to enter at checkout. Orders cannot be adjusted after you have completed your checkout, so be sure to enter your coupon code as we are unable to refund/credit you the difference after.

What is cropping? This is how your photo is cut at the lab. Sometimes an image may look great as an 8x10, but when you order it as a 5x7, the crop ratio is different...and if you don't check this, your athlete's ear could be lopped off!!!
During the checkout process, you will have the flexibility to adjust the cropping on images to your liking. It is up to you to verify that all cropping is correct! There are no refunds for orders due to cropping concerns.

ONLINE SHARING: We LOVE that you are so excited about your athlete's images, that you want to share them online! And we absolutely want you to share them!!! To make this easy for you to do, you can share the images directly from the online galleries using any of our provided SHARE buttons/links. This is the BEST & EASIEST way to share through email, Facebook, Twitter, Google+ & more! The links provided are safe and easy to use, PLUS it allows you to share without infringing on our Copyright! So feel free to share-share-share with the links in the galleries!
**What is Copyright infringement? The Copyright Act protects photographers by giving the author of the image (Della Vita Portrait Studio, LLC) the exclusive right to reproduce the images, and includes the right to control making copies. It is illegal to copy or reproduce these photographs elsewhere without our permission, and violators of this Federal Law will be subject to its civil and criminal penalties.
How does this affect you? Simply put, as the creator of the image we own the rights to it, unless you purchase that right. We make this available to our Sports Photo customers as a Digital Download. When you purchase this, you also receive a copyright release that gives you the freedom to use the image however you wish, without restriction. This is the only circumstance in which you may scan, copy or make additional prints other than through our studio.
How do we control this & why do we care? As a courtesy to your school & sports league, we do not charge your team for the photography service we provided to capture these images, nor is there a service fee for editing time or order processing. We take the photos with no guarantee that we will be paid for our time & talent. Our print sales is how we pay our bills. So we ask that you respect our livelihood by not illegally misusing our images. Some have tried and failed miserably...Walgreens/Wal-Mart/Target...always calls us to ask if we have granted permission, and they require a copyright release before they will hand over your prints. Some have even tried to order images through their online service, but when you arrive to pick up your prints, they will not hand them over to you without a release, even if you've already paid for them. So, save yourself the trouble, purchase the Digital Download...it is the perfect solution for everyone!


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